Service Engineering - ISOP

Service Engineering OP POWER – ISOP., is focused in the optimization of physical and natural resources, technology upgrading, planning, sustainability, and profitability for our customers; all of these become into: Employability, strengthening of companies and economic sectors, industrial growth and country appreciation.

ISOP is consolidated with the purpose of improving the industrial processes of our customers and to facilitate its implementation in the field. Our experience for more than ten years gives us certification in service projects of great importance for different industrial sectors in Colombia, and covers from the implementation of detailed engineering up to the commissioning and startup of industrial processes.


People Make the Difference

Phone:   (+57) 601 805 2508
Mobile:  (+57) 320 847 7923 
               (+57) 311 532 2157

Bogotá:        Cra.13 A No. 28 – 38. Of. 256. – Parque Central Bavaria.
Medellín:     Calle 16 AA Sur No. 42 – 91. Of. 1013. – Campestre 1643.
  Cra.12 No. 5 A – 09 Of. 2502. – Ponce de León.

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