Our Commitment: The Excellence

Engineering, Design and Applications.

Exclusive representative in Colombia of:


We are a Colombian company with 22 years of experience in the Oil and Gas, Industrial and Power sectors. We support our customers in the engineering, design and optimization of their industrial processes. We use our knowledge in science and engineering, and above all, our will to develop new ideas that allow us to make worthy contributions to our planet.

We develop projects of:
  • Storage Tank, Boiler, Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessel Systems.
  • Cooling Systems.
  • Flow Control And Regulation Systems.
  • Water Management Systems.
  • Gas Management Systems.
  • Special Systems.
  • Any decision and offer is conceived from our principles:
  • Our solutions must minimize environmental impacts and be sustainable.
  • We do not negotiate the quality.
  • We are committed to safety.
  • We promote the development and care of our stakeholders.
  • We work of conviction and not by convenience.

    People Make the Difference

    Phone:   (+57) 601 805 2508
    Mobile:  (+57) 320 847 7923 
                   (+57) 311 532 2157
    E-mail:   sales@oppog.com

    Bogotá:        Cra.13 A No. 28-38. Of. 256. – Parque Central Bavaria.
    Medellín:     Calle 16 AA Sur No. 42-91. Of. 1013. – Campestre 1643.
      Cra.12 No. 5A-09 Of. 2502. – Ponce de León.



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